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You can easily order transporting on small trucks in Moscow in the transport company «Sever Logistic». We take any cargoes within loading range across Russia.In this article we would like to talk about one and a half ton trucks.

Cargo transportation Moscow GAZelle


One and a half ton truck is associated with GAZelle. It was produced more than twenty years ago and continues to gain in popularity. In the fleet of the transport company «Sever Logistic» there are GAZels of various body shapes and one and a half ton tracks of imported production. In general, they differ little from each other. In most cases, not the brand of the truck is important to the customer, but how the shipment will be delivered. Cargo transportation from Moscow to other cities should be fast, accurate and cheap.

Cargo transportation Moscow GAZelle

The all-metal GAZelle for cargo transportation in Moscow is in demand for the most part of the customers carrying small loads in a short time. Taking into account the characteristics of the car with the all-metal body and adding to this our experience, we came to the conclusion that this truck is most convenient for intraurban traffic. It easily maneuvers and parks. Such a car is easier to make its way through the traffic jams or to go round them in the courtyards. The disadvantage of the track is the small capacity of its body. Its entire useful volume hardly reaches ten cubic meters.

Awning trucks for cargo transportation from Moscow to the intercity weighing up to one and a half tons are much more interesting. Such a machine can transfer cargo up to eighteen, and in some cases up to twenty-one cubes. Such a body can be


loaded with a crane or special equipment, because the body can be uncovered. Three-sided loading, large volume and inner crate of the machine for fastening of high loads make the tilt machine convenient and widespread among small-capacity freight carriers. In the fleet of the transport company «Sever Logistic» there are many domestic and imported tilted one and a half ton trucks. In addition, we constantly work with partner companies and can supply a large number of machines at a time.

Manufactured goods vans for cargo transportation in Moscow are less popular. They are mainly used together with refrigeration units to maintain the necessary temperature conditions during transportation.

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